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Owner’s Representation
We are the Owner’s advocate from start to finish and represent the Owner in a fair, respectful manner. We manage the entire team and address the accountability of all vendors to ensure focus, attention to detail, and the provision of timely information. We tailor each project uniquely to the Owner's goals in order to achieve their vision. 

Project Management
To ensure the continuity of project objectives from inception to completion is maintained, Square One proposes a team that will be intimately involved in every facet of the project. During the course of the project, we work closely with the Architect and Contractor in determining substantial and final completion dates. Once project completion is achieved, our team works with the Owner and the Architect to review the final payment request upon successful completion of all closeout items, including the final punch list, permits, Substantial Completion Certificate(s), and resolution of any open claims or liens. Once the team is satisfied that all contractual obligations have been complied with, we will review and submit the final pay request to the Owner for approval and payment.

Strategic Planning
During the past ten years, we have assisted Owners by providing strategic plans, identifying options, assigning costs to all items, and summarizing overall expectations. The result is an NVP calculation of each option. We also indicate whether each option meets the project objectives. If not, we identify the shortfall, and the Owner can assess the relative impact. We work with the Design Team and the Owner to identify all variables to analyze and research options, systems, and costs in order to assist the Owner in making appropriate decisions.

Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS)

We provide expert services through our Senior Project Manager, Laura Gass, who is a certified Registered Accessibility Specialist as well as a Registered Architect, AIA Member, LEED AP BD + C, PMP, NCARB, and a USGBC Member. With a deep understanding of accessibility standards and regulations, our specialist conduct thorough assessments to identify and address barriers that may impede the inclusion of individuals with diverse abilities. We are dedicated to ensuring that your spaces, buildings, and sidewalks are accessible to all.



  • Stakeholder Identification

  • Program Objectives Definition

  • Environmental Assessment 

  • Utility Coordination

  • Project Pro Forma Analysis

  • Operational Continuity

  • Capital Planning

  • Secure Entitlements


  • Best Practices

  • Responsibility Matrix

  • Delivery Model

  • Contracting Strategies

  • Work Solicitations

  • Vendor Outreach

  • Contract Negotiations


  • Commissioning of Systems

  • Authority Having Jurisdiction

  • As-Built Documents

  • Lien Releases

  • Punch Lists

  • Warranty Work

  • ADA Certification

  • Certificate of Occupancy

  • Account reconciliations  


  • Operational Tools

  • Furniture Fixtures Equipment

  • Tenants Installation Coordination

  • Transition Services


  • Operations Engagement

  • Program Validation

  • Schedule Management

  • Peer Reviews Definition

  • Best Value Evaluation

  • Regulatory Entity Negotiation

  • Document Construction


  • Cost Validation

  • Quality Monitoring

  • Schedule Coordination

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Team Accountability

  • Third-Party Inspections


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