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Project Description:

The University of Texas Medical Branch project resulted from the damages caused to the UTMB Campus in Galveston, TX by Hurricane Ike. The recovery project was divided into four main components based on the operation of the campus: Healthcare, Research, Business and Academic, and Infrastructure. It was essential that UTMB returned the campus to a fully functioning level and provide appropriate mitigation strategies to protect the campus from future weather events. The majority of the floor spaces and basement areas for the entire campus were damaged due to flooding. Some of the first-floor building areas affected include office space, classrooms, and support space. Other spaces housed many of the support spaces for the hospital core (kitchen, pharmacy, clinical laboratories, and core infrastructure), or research laboratories and associated research support space. The work involved repairing and mitigating all first floor spaces, crawl spaces, basement areas, elevators, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, security and life safety systems, telecommunication systems and building envelope repairs. This project had many components that require a varied staffing approach to fill all of the needs. 

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