McCallum High School

Austin, TX


Project Description:

Constructed a retaining wall and terracing for drainage at fire lane. Replaced existing window wall and exit doors/hardware at the main gym lobby. Replaced deteriorated exterior doors and hardware. Repaired and repointed masonry walls. Repaired/replaced approximately 90,000 SF of built-up roofing. Replaced deteriorated windows in locker rooms. Installed acoustical panels in the auxiliary band hall. Installed a dividing curtain between the gym and dance classroom. Refinished/replaced deteriorated interior doors and hardware. Repaired wood floors in large and small gyms. Replaced damaged floor tiles in various areas. Repaired/replaced damaged student lockers. Replaced two HVAC system chillers. Replaced deteriorated HVAC system controls and connect to BEMS. Re- furbished/replaced HVAC system cooling tower, boilers, and selected equipment. Installed emergency egress lighting. Replaced exit lighting fixtures. Installed additional lighting in the fine arts area. Replaced lighting in selected classrooms. Installed new stage lighting and sound system in the theater. Constructed a new theater arts classroom. Renovated three art classrooms. Renovated selected science classrooms. Renovated/expanded orchestra and choir rooms. Replaced selected library casework/cabinetry/furnishings. Installed Safety and Security enhancements.

-Native American Owned-


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