Harris Elementary School

Austin, TX


Project Description:

Construct additional parking spaces in selected areas. Install additional exterior security lighting. Repair/replace brick masonry in various locations and add masonry control joints. Replace skylights in the gym. Replace wood classroom doors and frames. Apply finish coating over exterior walkway walls. Install gutters and downspouts at 100, 200 and 300 wings. Refasten/reseal metal wall panels in selected areas. Replace classroom windows along walkways at 100, 200 and 300 wings. Repair/replace damaged wall paneling in classrooms. Install new floor covering in the library and gym. Refurbish student restrooms in 300/400 wings and classroom restrooms at 100/200 wings. Replace HVAC system equipment serving cafeteria and administration area. Install emergency egress lighting. Replace selected library casework/cabinetry/furnishings. Expand cafeteria. Install play slab cover. Install Safety and Security enhancements.

-Native American Owned-


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