Barrington Elementary School

Austin, TX


Project Description:

Installed additional exterior security lighting. Improved storm/site drainage at building perimeter. Constructed concrete dumpster pads. Constructed cover over ramp and sidewalk between main building and library. Repaired/replaced approximately 58,000 SF of built-up roofing. Repaired/replaced the deteriorated window wall system at courtyard. Renovated selected administration areas to improve visibility of the main entrance and corridor. Repaired/replaced cabinets and casework in selected classrooms. Replaced floor coverings in the library, music room, administration area, and gym. Renovated/refurbished student group and faculty restrooms. Replaced deteriorated HVAC system controls and connect to BEMS. Replaced deteriorated exhaust fans. Replaced the HVAC system boiler and selected equipment. Installed additional electrical outlets in the administration area. Expanded kitchen serving line. Installed play slab cover. Installed safety & security enhancements.

-Native American Owned-


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