Andrews Elementary School

Austin, TX


Project Description:

Constructed a new bus drop-off. Installed additional exterior security lighting. Improved storm/site drainage in selected areas. Repaired/replaced deteriorated exterior doors, frames, and hardware. Repaired/replaced approximately 40,000 SF of built-up roofing. Constructed guardrails at a 300-classroom wing walkway. Replaced worn floor covering in the library. Repaired/replaced damaged sink cabinets in classrooms. Renovated/refurbished student group and faculty restrooms. Replaced deteriorated exhaust fans in-classroom student restrooms. Installed new HVAC system equipment at the library and cafeteria. Replaced electrical panels throughout the building. Replaced sanitary sewer line between a 200-classroom wing and kitchen. Replaced selected library casework/cabinetry/furnishings. Installed play slab cover. Installed Safety and Security enhancements.

-Native American Owned-


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